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RD Designed Juice Cleanses Available

Posted in events, nutrition news on Dec 17,2012

Kiwi Nutrition has paired with Tico’s Juice Bar to bring dietitian approved juice cleanses to the Princeton community! I have developed all juices cleanse recipes and designed both juice cleanse packages, Refresh(3 day) & Revive (5 day)Awaken the cells of your body to fresh raw fruits and vegetables.… Read More

Vegan Summer Rolls

Posted in rachel's recipes, Uncategorized on Aug 16,2012

Vegan Summer Rolls  Theres something about biting into a sticky, crunchy, summery fresh roll that just makes you feel lighter and healthier.… Read More

Asian Brown Rice Noodle Soup

Posted in rachel's recipes on Aug 16,2012

Asian Brown Rice Noodle Soup I made this soup on a hot August night, in the mood for something light and healthy but tired of salads, I felt this was the perfect dinner.… Read More

Eat, Talk, Share

Posted in mindful mondays - food for thought on Mar 05,2012

Although one of the key principles of mindful eating is to bring the focus inward and away from outside distractions, sometimes in social situations this is challenging.… Read More

What Your Food Cravings May Actually Be Telling You

Posted in mindful mondays - food for thought on Feb 19,2012

Craving: an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing   Everyone knows what it feels like to have a food craving. It usually comes on suddenly with no warning and can feel like an uncontrollable urge to eat a very specific food.… Read More