Dietitian Vs. Nutritionist

What is the difference?

The term nutritionist isn’t regulated so anyone can call himself or herself a nutritionist, with no formal training or certification.

To hold the title of Dietitian, specifically registered dietitian (RD) there are a lot of requirements. An RD must have a minimum of a four year college degree from an accredited university’s program that includes specific course work in human physiology, nutrition science and other sciences, must complete a 900 hour supervised hands-on internship, and must sit for and pass a national comprehensive examination. RDs must also obtain continuing education and are held to a professional code of ethics. All Dietitians are Nutritionists, but Nutritionists are not Dietitians.

A “Health Coach” or “CHC” attends the Institute of Integrated Nutrition’s program, which is just 1 year long, and certification is granted through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. And, in 2011, the school converted to online-learning only.
One should question the depth of expertise that can be acquired in such a short period of time, and the fact that admission requirements are lax and classes are pass-fail.