Happy Clients 

“Rachel is knowledgeable about nutrition, encouraging in her approach to helping clients reach their goals, and always has a plan to move you forward when you think you’ve hit a snag. The information and advice was always presented in an educational and supportive format. Rachel gives you a goal you can reach each week!“ anonymous

“I feel great. It is amazing what a change in diet will do. With Rachel’s help we substituted foods I was eating for foods I enjoy as much and more. I lost weight, have more energy and am not starving myself.” – Mark

“Rachel is not just a dietitian but a coach and a friend. I was discouraged and convinced I just could not lose the weight. Rachel’s confidence rubbed off on me. She taught me how to stop counting points, which I had done for 20 years, and how to enjoy food again. I have now lost 28lbs and I am still losing with her help.” Lori

“I feel normal again. Rachel figured out what foods were irritating me and causing inflammation and she explained why. With an anti-inflammatory meal plan and delicious recipes I now feel 100% in control. Stomach upset and bloating is no longer a regular thing! I am so glad I decided to give Kiwi Nutrition a try. ” Sarah

” Rachel is extremely dedicated to her clients and truly wants success for all of them. Her high energy and positive attitude is extremely motivational. I look forward to every appointment with Rachel so that she can boost my motivation and fill my mind with great ideas!” – Vincent

“Rachel has inspired me to eat healthier and helped me change my nutritional lifestyle. Before she introduced me to gluten-free and pollo-vegetarian options, I used to feel run-down, lacking energy, and my hair was falling out significantly. After Rachel suggested taking special vegan supplements for my hair/skin/nails in addition to food that would also help in this regard, I now receive many compliments for my glowing skin and voluminous hair. I also see less hair falling out daily. She’s helped me kick start a new outlook on a healthier lifestyle of eating and exercising.” – Leighanne

As a 50-something woman who has tried virtually every diet available since I was in high school, I have to say that working with Rachel Cuomo has been both a breath of fresh air and very inspiring! Working one-on-one with Rachel to specifically address my goals and my trouble areas has not only enabled me to shed those last 10 pounds, but also to look and feel better than I have in years. I was tired of the “one size fits all” mentality of the leading weight loss centers and books on nutrition and dieting. It sounds like something we all know, but don’t admit- you really do learn so much more working one-on-one with a professional who can address your specific needs. Rachel gave me easy food swaps, ideas on recipes, snacks and practical advice on how to eat healthy and stay on track even with a hectic lifestyle. Everything she says is common sense but she tailors everything to my specific questions and needs. I am eating “regular” food, eating out, eating with my family and enjoying the good health and weight loss that her advice and instruction have given me. This was one of the best investments I have ever made for my health, peace of mind and well-being. –Lisa

“Rachel Schaeffer is not only highly competent, but highly committed. Her knowledge of what’s good for your body is vast; her focus getting it right for YOU is deep. By listening to Rachel and acting on her advice, I lost weight, as planned. But I also felt better – much better. Listen to her. Your life will change.” – Pete Taft

I decided to meet with  Rachel after I met three people who were absolutely transformed, after following her program. All three had lost weight, but also had the same healthy, and beautiful look! Their faces and skins looked glowing!  I needed to lose weight, but also had some predisposing medical conditions that concerned me. I wanted to learn about dietary interventions that could  help keep both my health and weight in check.I met with Rachel for the first time right before Thanksgiving. I felt I just connected with her so easily.  Her personality is warm and compassionate making me feel comfortable to share with her  both my strengths but also my weaknesses! She is also a very knowledgeable and informed coach!! Rachel recommended  an anti-inflammatory diet  which eliminated foods that caused inflammation in the body. I have been working with Rachel over two months and have had wonderful results! We had our first  first meeting  right before Thanksgiving. The holiday period was a time I typically gained about 5 lbs or more.  In addition,  I had a muscle tear that prevented me from working out in my usual way. I was concerned about a 5-10lb gain over there next six weeks. That proved to be just the opposite.   I indeed  lost 7 lbs and had an improvement in the medical condtions that were worrisome to me.In my January medical work-ups,  I had proof of the success of the diet. I have had  a serere case of GERD and have been on medication for years. My GI doc did an upper endoscopy and noted that I had much less inflammation on the exam. I went to the dentist and the hygienist noted I had much less plaque on this visit. In the last two months I have noted far less joint pains particularly in my knee which were always a source of pain and discomfort.  I went for a facial and i the Esthetician noted that my rocasia had improved dramatically! I  was really pleased with  those results  and am very pleased and feeling good with my new   “anti-inflammatory” way  of eating. I must add that  if i had been more compliant I could have lost more weight. I am happily continuing on the program, my new way of eating,  and with some holiday and event challenges behind me, I look forward to  further weight loss and continued improved health.Thank you Rachel!!!! – Karen Rodney

I started seeing Rachel when my gastroenterologist referred her to help manage my IBS. At that point I was both physically uncomfortable and emotionally drained. My stomach had gotten so bad, it had succeeded in making me hopeless and irritable. Rachel was immediately positive and confident we could control my IBS. She informed me of the molecules (eg, certain sugars, carbs) that could be contributing to my intestinal problems, and we devised a long-term meal plan that eliminated these molecules. She wrote out goals in an organized manner, and provided me with detailed foods to buy and cook. With her guidance and encouragement to stick with the food plan, I was able to reduce symptoms and become a much happier person! Rachel was also accessible for questions, and was persistently supportive in all of our communications. She’s definitely a smart, personable, tough (when necessary), and eternally positive nutritionist. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. -Lisa Christadore

“When I came to Rachel on December 3, 2014 I was frustrated and fed up with the extra 30 pounds I had put on since turning 50 years-old. I am now 52 +9-years-old. Since December 3rd I lost 17.3 pounds (I courageously stepped on the scale at the gym last night after my workout to see what I lost since my 2nd visit to her on 12/29/14. I lost an additional 9.5 lbs. Yayyy me!!!). Rachel outlined for me a plan to eat better and helped me choose foods that will benefit my weight loss goals. I actually; throughout my lifetime, have been a conscientious eater and exercised some of the program outline which she gave me but as the years go forward and our bodies change due to age what worked before did not work for me now. Rachel helped educated me on foods that I thought were healthy and would not promote weight gain but actually do. I am very strict with myself and work out every day to enhance my progress. I completely cut out alcohol and Rachel educated me on proper food portions. Like with anything, the desire to want to do something has to be there. I got to the point where I was fed up with the extra weight and Rachel was the guiding force needed to start the ball rolling.   Thank you Rachel and Kiwi nutrition.” – Gloria Marconi


“ I just left the first session actually feeling EXCITED to start my new life, I wasn’t dreading it like so many diet plans before” – New client – prefer to remain anonymous

“I have no words of how to thank Rachel. I never expect that healthy food will change my life for ever , the best part of all this is how healthy food tastes great and everything she recommended is working for me! Thanks Rachel … She is absolutely the “best ” , so professional , kind and always have time for you …” – Karen Sanchez

“Rachel does not give up on you! She has awesome ideas to eat healthy, even for the pickiest eaters….She is THE best” – Lisa Moleski

“Rachel is a diamond in a very crowded field of nutritionists. Her approach is personal. She passes her wealth of knowledge kindly so that I can take control of my health. She is focusing on teaching me about the great foods I should eat rather then what I should not eat in order to fight breast cancer, insulin resistance and heart disease. With Rachel food has become my medicine and a source of service to my body and that makes me very happy.” – Shari Cherry

“I came to Rachel desperate after doctor’s were unable to help me. I’d been dealing with chronic diarrhea and weight loss. I had been unable to leave the house. After only a few weeks with Rachel my diarrhea had stopped, a few months more and I feel normal. I am no longer afraid to eat!” – prefer to remain anonymous


“I started seeing Rachel in May. I am 23 years old and I was experiencing constant stomach problems, I was getting tests every week and no doctor was able to figure out what was wrong. After seeing Rachel she has completely changed my life. She has exceptional medical knowledge and was able to adapt to everything I was going through, and eating right on its own has cured all of my problems. My visits with Rachel have truly been the most valuable visits I’ve gone to regarding my health. Thank you.” – Erica Simi

“When it comes to dieting – been there, done that, my whole life without great success or professional guidance tailored to ME. Rachel has sparked an interest in me that has waited a long time to emerge. Eat healthy–you can make it taste really delicious and be nutritious. I have always loved to cook, yes I am Italian lol. Now I know how to replace the bad with the good all thanks to Rachel. Your guidance has been the best, you have changed me forever. And I am living and loving it. Thank you for being so smart and supportive.” – Angela Millin

“I have gone to Weight Watchers many times over the years and they have helped me to lose weight many times which unfortunately I have partially gained back many times. One hour with Rachel is just as valuable if not more valuable than all the time and money I have spent on Weight Watchers. Rachel analyzed my diet and although she thought my diet was better than most, she still was able to make many suggestions which I accept and will implement.” – Blair Kanter

“Rachel has a non-judgmental way of listening and offering suggestions, I never feel embarrassed or guilty for my food choices and I always leave each session with a renewed sense of confidence.” – prefer to remain anonymous

“Rachel TAUGHT me how to eat normally again. After years of dieting I no longer feel like I’m on a diet! I don’t feel hungry, I feel satisfied, and I actually enjoy what I’m eating. I’m 30lbs down and couldn’t have done it without my dietitian!” – Kim B.

“She actually cares about you and genuinely wants you to succeed. It’s obvious Rachel puts genuine thought and energy into everything she gives to you.” – Barbara