Mexican Chocolate Cake – Cinco De Mayo

Posted in rachel's recipes on May 05,2016

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and while everyone is getting excited for tequila, margaritas, chips, salsa, and tacos, I’m over here eating forks full of spicy chocolate cake, in celebration of course. This is a take on my staple protein brownie/cake, with … Read More

Rainy Day Rhubarb Oatmeal

Posted in rachel's recipes, Uncategorized on May 01,2016

It’s May 1st and instead of waking up to warm sunshine and May flowers it’s another day of cold gray skies and rain, with many more in the forecast. This isn’t easy for me, someone who lives for hot, humid, … Read More

Organizing My Week ahead: Menu planning, Grocery Shopping, Weeknight Meals

Posted in exercise & healthy living, mindful mondays - food for thought, Uncategorized on Apr 10,2016

Everywhere you look these days you see the words “meal prep”… pictures of it, “how to” guides, everyone seems to be into it. What I also see are millions of plastic containers and weekends spent doing nothing but chopping, dicing, … Read More

Dark & Fudgy Almond Flour Brownies

Posted in rachel's recipes, Treats & Sweets on Mar 24,2016

I just don’t trust people who say they dislike chocolate, and I can totally relate to any client who complains of monthly cravings for the dark stuff. I could tell him take more magnesium, eat more nuts and leafy greens, fill … Read More

Sautéed Shrimp, Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke

Posted in rachel's recipes, Seafood on Mar 24,2016

So you guys know that savory dish of mussels in a white wine tomato sauce often served with crusty bread for dipping? Well, I hate mussels, but I absolutely love that sauce. At restaurants I secretly hope someone will order … Read More