Green Breakfast Drinks – A fresh start to the New Year!

Posted in nutrition news, rachel's recipes on Jan 12,2012

A new year often means new years resolutions, diets and the beginning of new exercise programs. An energizing way to kick-start your healthy new year is with fresh green drinks! Below are two green drink recipes that deliver an abundance of raw enzymes and nutrition to your body. These green drinks are a wholesome way to detox and get back into clean eating. For best results I recommend drinking these on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Green Smoothie
(You will need a blender for this recipe)

1 ½ cups raw spinach leaves
½ cup kale
½ green apple
1 ripe kiwi
few splashes of cold water

You can add ground flaxseeds and/or a tsp coconut oil to this smoothie as well for added nutrition

Blend and enjoy right away!

Green Juice:
(You will need a juicer for this recipe)

1 handful parsley
2 apples
1 handful spinach
1 cucumber
1 lemon
1-inch piece ginger

Juice, discard the solids, and enjoy right away!

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