Sautéed Shrimp, Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke

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So you guys know that savory dish of mussels in a white wine tomato sauce often served with crusty bread for dipping? Well, I hate mussels, but I absolutely love that sauce. At restaurants I secretly hope someone will order it (and they usually do in my family) just so I can soak my white, crusty bread into that heavenly sauce. Well, this shrimp dish tastes strikingly similar to that amazing mussel sauce, and a bonus, I’ll actually eat the protein, rather than 1/2 a loaf of bread.

My husband wasn’t home for dinner, which I often use an an excuse to eat something very, very easy, and usually non-dinner-like, but I had already defrosted shrimp the day before, so I had to use them. I opened the pantry looking for this jar of tapenade, which had been sitting in there for much too long, grabbed a few more ingredients from the fridge, and this dish was done in 10 minutes, no joke. I sat by myself at my long farmhouse table, with this warm steamy bowl of yumminess and a piece of crusty ezekiel bread, and thoroughly enjoyed what felt much too delicious to have been so easy and much too decadent to be so healthy.




~ recipe ~

1lb fresh, large wild US caught shrimp – cleaned with tails still on

1 jar Bella-Familgia roasted red pepper & artichoke tapenade (10 oz)

2 cloves fresh pressed garlic

tsp olive oil

sea salt

red pepper flakes to taste

dry white wine (splash)

3 big handfuls organic baby spinach

Ezekiel toast

garlic herbed butter… just a pat ; )


Drizzle olive oil into pan over medium heat, then add crushed garlic

Lightly salt shrimp

Toss shrimp into pan, pour entire jar of tapenade on top and give a quick stir, splash of white wine and sprinkle of pepper flakes, place baby spinach on top, cover with lid, simmer for 3 minutes, stir and flip shrimp, re-cover for 2-3 more minutes until shrimp are fully cooked and spinach nicely wilted.

Toast ezekiel bread until dark brown, lightly pat with garlic herbed butter, sop up sauce with bread and lick fingers as you go.

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