Diabetes & Chronic Diseases

Diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, these are the chronic lifestyle diseases, and if you have one you most likely have another. These diseases are often times preventable and treatable with simple changes of dietary, exercise, and routine habits. It can be scary to be diagnosed with one of these diseases, but the good news is you can take control of your health and improve your blood work at your next physical. Kiwi Nutrition is here to help you learn about your disease, how to eat to manage or cure the disease you have, and prevent future diseases. You will understand what foods positively and negatively affect the disease, and how to eat to improve your condition. Rachel will take the time to learn about you as a person, your food likes and dislikes, what your motivation is and what your fears are. We will build you a personal meal plan with brand names to shop for. Rachel can even do a grocery store trip with you! After a few sessions, you will regain control of your health and have the tools and support you need to be healthy again.