Weight Loss & Weight Management

Weight Loss
With Kiwi Nutrition you will learn how to eat healthy and enjoy the foods you are eating. No calorie counting, no points system, no cutting out an entire food group. Everyone has his or her own personal story, circumstances, schedules, food preferences, and goals. Rachel will learn all of these things about you and together you will build a meal plan that will work for you. You will learn why certain foods work better with your body versus other foods, why timing is important as well as food combinations. You will re-learn how to listen to your body’s hunger cues, how to mindfully eat, and how to splurge without feeling guilty and completely falling off track. You will learn how to read food labels quickly and efficiently, grocery shop effectively, order at restaurants with confidence, and stay on track while traveling. Rachel will be there with you every step of the way to provide you with new goals and renewed motivation. If you are ready to stop with the fad diets, relearn how to eat, take ownership of your body and make a commitment to Kiwi Nutrition, you absolutely will lose the weight and feel the best you’ve felt in years.

Once you reach your goal weight and have your final session with Kiwi Nutrition, the door remains open. Even if you have lost the weight on your own but are now finding it difficult to maintain, Kiwi Nutrition is here to help. Maintenance can sometimes be the hardest part. Often times when we are happy and comfortable with our new weight, we start to allow old habits back in, we start to indulge a little too often and lose focus. You might be afraid of an upcoming trip or a change in routine about to occur. Kiwi Nutrition will help you stay on track, consistently making you new goals, helping you to plan ahead and feel confident in your food choices. Make a maintenance appointment whenever you feel you need a little help.

Weight Gaining
There are a multitude of reasons one may need the help of a professional to gain weight. Perhaps you simply have a fast metabolism, maybe you or your child are picky eaters, were you recently diagnosed with a new food allergy or GI issue? Do you just forget or find it difficult to eat with your schedule? Have you started a new workout program and cannot meet you your caloric demands? Maybe you have conquered cancer but now you have been left with changes in your appetite and taste for food. Whatever the reason, Kiwi Nutrition can help you comfortably put on the weight you need. Working with your individual schedule, preferences, and health issues, you will be given a meal plan, snack ideas, supplement suggestions, goals, and recipes. Weight gaining should be slow and steady, foods recommended will only by healthy, natural foods that are good for you both short and long term.