2015 New Year Resolutions – 8 Steps to Success!

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Happy New Year Kiwi Nutritioners!


Have you made your New Years resolutions? Great! That’s the first step! Did you know the majority of people don’t accomplish their new years resolutions? That’s not going to be you this year. Take out a pen and notebook and follow these steps to ensure you can check off that resolution by 2016.

 8 Steps to Success

Step 1: Write down your resolution 


“I will exercise more”

“I will eat healthier”

“I will finally lose this weight”

“I will cook more often”

“I will take care of myself and my health”

“I will drink less alcohol”


Step 2: Write down WHY you want to accomplish this resolution. How will this positively impact your life?


“I will have more self confidence and will feel stronger and more capable”

“I will have more energy and get sick less often”

“I will finally be able to fit into the clothes that I love”

“I will feel better without all the added salt and fat restaurants cook with, I will have more money to spend on other things”

“I will prevent health conditions that run in my family and I will reduce the medications I am already taking”

“I will feel healthier and happier and I will not age as quickly”


Step 3: In order for a resolution to become reality we must make smaller, more specific, measurable goals.


“I will go to the gym 3 days a week, in the evenings after work, for 60 minutes, plus I will walk outside for 30 minutes on the weekends”

“I will choose less processed foods, look at food labels, and measure portions”

“I will loose 4lbs a month for the next 12 months by working out 5 days a week for 30 minutes and cutting out processed carbs and sugars”

“I will only eat out once a week, all other meals I will prepare at home”

“I will move more by tracking my steps daily, I will eat more vegetables every day, I will join a yoga studio”

“I will only drink alcohol one night a week and only if it is during social occasions”


Step 4: Write a timeline of how you will prepare and work up to your resolution:


“Tomorrow I will join a gym and I will sign up with a personal trainer. This week I will buy new gym clothes and a gym bag with a lock. Next weekend I will start walking. The following week I will try 2 new exercise classes. “

“I will start measuring portions today. Tomorrow I will clean out my kitchen. The next day I will write out a healthy grocery list and research healthy recipes, I will plan my weekly menu and go food shopping.”

And so on….


Step 5: Share your resolution with ONE person who will help motivate and support you.

Research shows that when you tell a lot of people about a goal of yours you are less likely to actually do it. Why? Because just the act of telling people your goal can give you false satisfaction as though you have actually accomplished it. Save telling people about your resolution until you have turned your goal into a habit, chances are people will start to notice without you even saying anything, which is more rewarding anyway!


Step 6: Come up with an emergency plan.

In the next 12 months something is bound to happen to throw you off course. This is life. Think about all of the possible scenarios and write down how you will deal with them so that you continue on course with your goal. Think about who or what in your life has been holding you back from accomplishing this goal and decide how you can distance this negativity from your life. (Talking with your dietitian or your close supporter can really help; sometimes it can be too much to manage on our own. Your friend or dietitian will be able see options and opportunities better than you if you are under a lot of stress. )


Step 7: Design a method to keep track of your resolution and mini goals.

               Set little incentives along the way if these help you.


  • Track on your calendar every time you make it to the gym and go for your walks.

Mini incentive: if you meet all your exercise goals at the end of the month you can get a massage

  • Keep a food log and look through it at the end of every week, highlight areas that still need work.

Mini incentive: For every week you have fewer highlights, you can buy 1 gourmet coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

  • Record your weight at the end of every week.

Mini incentive: If you have lost 4lbs that month you can buy yourself another charm for your charm bracelet

  • Keep a tally on your fridge of how many meals you cook throughout the month and save any recipes you loved.

Mini incentive: If you only ate out once a week, you can buy a cookbook or a new specialty ingredient

  • Track the number of steps you take a day. Use your yoga studio punch card every time you go. Write down the number of vegetables you eat in a day.

Mini incentive: new sneakers once you hit a certain number of steps, a free yoga session after filling your punch card.

  • Tally the number of alcoholic beverages you have in a month.

Mini incentive: dinner at your favorite restaurant if you have fewer drinks than the month before.

Step 8: Bask in your accomplishment, reflect on the hard work that got you here, celebrate your success and vow to make this part of your lifestyle forever. 


A new years resolution is a wonderful way to start the year.  Above all remember that this life is what you make it and it is ultimately up to you how you want to spend it. Decide how badly you want this change in your life and then make the decision to work hard for it. Any big change requires motivation, dedication, willpower, sacrifice and consistency. Now get started!

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