Have a Healthy Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all Who Celebrate!

Check out some Kiwi Nutrition tips for your Christmas day:

​1. Do good for others: Remember what the season is all about and focus on love and togetherness today rather than the food. Hopefully you are spending the day with those you care for, keep in mind that treats are OK today but also do good to your loved ones by helping them make healthier choices and offering foods that nourish them.
2. Eat your veggies first: Do you guys remember the healthy plate? Fill 1/2 your plate with vegetables and eat these first. You will eat much less of the decadent stuff simply because you will already feel full.
3. Drink water with alcohol: Hang on to your water glass throughout the holiday & make sure for every sip of alcohol you follow it with a sip of water! You will not only feel better today, but tomorrow as well! Remember, alcohol stalls fat burning for 24-48 hours, so enjoy but not too much!
4. Bring something healthy to the party: OR eat something healthy before you go. If the party is at your house, have a nutritious breakfast or mid afternoon snack as you are preparing the meal, this will minimize picking as you cook.
5. Use real dishes and napkins: This one is for the health of our planet. Parties and events generate the second largest amount of waste in the US!
6. Take home dessert & veggies: Too stuffed after your meal to really enjoy dessert? Rather than eating to the point of being uncomfortable, bring one portion of your favorite dessert home, you will enjoy it more when you aren’t as full. It will also keep your blood sugar in check for those who already indulged in starchy favorites.
7. Go outside: It may be a little gray outside but it’s warmer weather than usual this year! Get outside and take a brisk walk after your big meal! This will help control blood sugar, burn calories, improve digestion, and give you a boost of energy to enjoy the rest of the day.
8. Dance away your stress: Don’t feel like heading outdoors? Dance around the house instead! Turn up your Christmas music and burn some calories.
9. Have fun and laugh: Most importantly, know that Christmas comes once a year and it’s important that you ENJOY it. If you have food allergies, don’t let these get you down, focus on the people and fun around you and prepare something special that you can eat, if you are watching your waistline, Christmas is not the day to lose weight! Eat a little more than usual today and get back on track tomorrow, you will still lose weight this year! If the holidays stress you out, remember cortisol negatively affects how we store fat, so try to laugh and practice some of your stress busters.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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